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How Do They Pit Olives In a Factory

The olive is very popularity over people. To removal olive seed,is indispensable. How do they pit olives in a factory ?
Our olives pitting machine with a high degree of automation; just pour the olives into the feedwell to keep working. Olive 500KG per hour can produce about! Completely solve the manual stabbing machine efficiency at the end, labor-intensive, time-consuming and difficult, is the first choice for olive processing enterprises.

The olive pitting machine has a high probability of stabbing nuclear, simple operation, easy to use, low power consumption - can use household electricity, automatic speed control. Lower noise, environmental protection, will not be processed products caused by pollution, processing of finished products in line with national health requirements. Is the more advanced fruit processing machinery.

this is pitting machine working vdieo on youtube:any problem you lessage onb our website, then can sent you machine quotation soon.

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