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Conmmercial Vegetable Vutting Machine For Industrial

The commercial fruit vegetable cutting machine usually used for industrial, also can be for small food factory,restaurant, school and others. The vegetable cutting machine with double head cutter, can work simultaneously.

The cutting speed can be cut into various slices, cubes, ribbon and so on by changing the cutting and cutting speed of the blade or double FM, saving time and effort.High cost performance, save money, the same to 25 people.

The vegetable cutting machine is made of all-stainless steel, sanitary, beautiful and durable, simple and direct.The whole cutting machine adopts the international standard SUS304 stainless steel, fully adapt to the central kitchen, processing center and so on.Even in a humid environment, machines will not rust and extend their service life.

This is our the vegetable cutting machine with cutting speed change working video on youtube:

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