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How Is The Chocolate Made ?

Delicious chocolate is almost all the favorite dessert.Let us look at how chocolate is made out of the.

Chocolate is a kind of tropical cacao tree seeds for the production of raw materials made of food. Cocoa trees in Mexico, Central America and South America have at least three thousand years of planting history, and its earliest written records are around 1100 BC.

Most of the Central American people have produced chocolate beverages, in which the Aztec made chocolate drinks known as xocolātl, Navartellian meaning "bitter" the word. The seeds of the cocoa tree have a strong bitter taste and must be fermented to produce the scent. The same time as the above-Cocoa contains alkaloids that can have physiological effects on the human body, which are associated with serotonin levels in the human brain. Some studies have found that moderate consumption of chocolate can lower blood pressure.

make delicious chocolateAfter the fermentation of cocoa beans will be dry and cleaned, and then baked. The peeled shells are ground into pellets. These finishes can be made into two useful ingredients: finely cocoa and cocoa butter. Sugarless Baking Chocolate (bitter chocolate) is mainly made of solid cocoa and cocoa butter in this proportion. Many of the chocolate that people consume today is sweet chocolate, made with solid cocoa, cocoa butter or other fat sugar. Each candy maker has its own chocolate making recipe and keeps it as a secret.

Chocolate can be divided into several types: coarse chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The coarse chocolate is black and contains at least 55% cocoa. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa mixed fat and sugar, the EU provides dark chocolate cocoa content of the minimum shall not be less than 35%. Milk Chocolate is sweet chocolate, that is, in the above-mentioned variety of chocolate raw materials based on the addition of milk or condensed milk made of. In Europe, milk chocolate must contain at least 25% of solid cocoa. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk, but no solid cocoa, so it is white.
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