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How to Clean Peanut Butter Making Machine ?

During the peanut butter industrial,how to clean the peanut butter making machine also is a pretty important problem. then today we will share the something about how to clean the peanut butter making machine.

how to clean and maintain peanut butter making machine1:Immediately after utilizing the peanut butter machine, the operator should unplug the bolt of kick-off gadget timely, remove the filter for cleansing and clear the residues while in the peanut butter producing machine to keep the machine clean and make certain fantastic slag separating effect.

2:Wipe the internal and external part of machine entire body with cloth. Washing the machine straight with water is unquestionably forbidden to avoid water injury in the motor.

3:Set up the peanut butter machine to its authentic state according to your chart, and then make it idling. Turn the deal with to the signed direction. When the machine tends to make a swish sound, add water to the hopper instantly and gradually. If a slight noise is heard from your grinding wheel, halt the machine and examine no matter if the speak to region on the edge on the grinding wheel is in line together with the needs, which should be over 95%. If it reaches the common, the machine could be made use of normally. Otherwise, the machine ought to be working continuously.

4:Should you be not positive whether you may clean the peanut butter machine or carry out dismantling and installation, you need to call the after-sale services division of the peanut butter making machine timely to request the professionals to clean the machine, lest resulting in damage to your machine.

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