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Oil-water Mixing Type Frying Machine For Peanut

For the peanut business,many people chose to frying peanut. Today i will show you one type frying machine for peanut with oil-water mixing frying type.
The type oil-water mixing Peanut frying machine ,the oil and water will be automatic separated. oil will be in the upper after frying food, water will sink of the residue. waste residue can be removed in time, not because of ordinary frying machine in a short time oil floating black Slag becomes darkened, causing waste.
There are operation of the frying machine frying essentials as following:
Frying is a method of frying a fried food. After the raw material is processed by the knife, it is not used as a frying method. The The operating essentials are briefly described below.
First, the choice of materials. Fried the election material should use chicken, duck, meat and other fresh animal raw materials, forming the size, should be based on the old raw materials may be.
Second, pickled. Frying machine fried dishes of raw materials, do not beat the powder, not sizing, do not hang paste, but before the fried, must use spices dipping. Materials are different, according to the general law is soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, pepper and so on (some add sugar, monosodium glutamate, green onion, etc.).
Moreover, the furnace master. As the frying machine fried raw materials do not hang paste, do not beat the powder, there is no protective layer, to this kind of raw materials fried to the external coke tender or fresh and delicious, it must be based on the texture of the raw material, the size of the exact grasp of the furnace The Small form of raw materials to use high temperature fried twice or more times. The form of large materials began to use high-temperature oil, in order to maintain the same shape of the main material, the middle of the use of temperature fry, so that the oil gradually into the main body of the body. In the process of frying raw materials, according to the changes in raw materials in the oil, available chopsticks, hand spoon or colander, at any time flip raw materials, so that heat evenly.

oil-water mixing type frying machine for peanut
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