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How to Remove Excess Oil From Food ?

With the improvement of living standards, people have realized that extra calories and fat are harmful to health. In order to adapt to this trend, the food industry has been moving towards low calorie and high nutrition.The study showed that 60% of the heat from the fried food came from oil. Therefore, the process of affecting the oil content of fired food is especially important. As a step after the fry, you can imagine the importance of the fries deoiling machine on the fried snack process  production line.
how to removal oil from food
The working principle of  fried food deoiling machine:
On the French fries production line, the oil deoiling machine is used to remove the excess oil on the surface of the fried potato chips after the frying process. It has been proved that the interior of the fried potato chips in the crust contains 6 times the oil, so it is very important to remove the oil from the surface. Our deoiling machine uses the advanced centrifugal principle to ensure the maximum deoiling. In addition, the equipped shock absorber can reduce the vibration in the deoiling process, ensure the stability of the performance and prolong the service life. Automatic electromagnetic brakes and digital input control devices play an important role in saving energy and labor.

The effect of fired snack food oil removal machine :
Delicacies can be bought by consumers, but it seems to be an important factor in attracting people to buy. The oil after machining chips looks bright and crisp. On the other hand, the excess oil is separated by centrifugal force, avoiding oil or greasy debris and making the flavoring process more smooth. The most important thing is that extra oil can be collected in the bucket. In this way, oil is recycled rather than waste, which will save you a lot in the very expensive world of oil. Using the deoiling machine, you can not only make delicious French fries, but also get high profits at low investment.

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how to removal oil from food
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