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How to Shell Sunflower Seeds Commercially

The shelled sunflower seeds can be used for food process factory. You can sell them without flavoring, you also can flavor them then sell. They are both great chocie for sunflower seeds business. There is a porblem we face that how to shell sunflower seeds commercially? Dont be worry, we will show you a great helper for the sunflower seeds shelling business.

Sunflower shelling machine is the latest product developed and manufactured by our company. Equipment includes cleaning, shelling, shelling, separation, re-separation and so on. The shellless seed will be automatically returned to the shelling machine through the material recovery system, greatly increasing the degree of automation. And capacity will be high.
The equipment consists of 8 parts: Hopper, Material Crane, Multipurpose Impurities Cleaner, Barrel Lift, Hulling Machine (4 sets), Vibratory Conveyor and Separator, Wind Recovery Material System and Controller Cabinets.

This is our sunflower seeds shelling machine working video on Youtube. If you have any problem you can contact me freely or leave message on our website. We will feedback soon.

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