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Potato Chips Processing Line Shiped to Russia

Our potato chips processing line will shipped to Russia.We also have other different potato chips production line capacity.The production line is made of 304 stainless steel.The machines on the production line are easy to operate. One person can control 2 machines.The entire line of motor is completely enclosed, so it is not dangerous to humans

This is our potato chips production line working flow chart:
1:peeling machine-----washing and peeling the potato at one time.
2:cutting machine ---- cutting potato into chips. the thickness can be adjusted from 0.5-10mm.
3: blanching machine---blanching the chips for color protection.
4: dewater machine----- Remove extra water of the potato chips.
5: frying machine-------frying the chips. Special design make the frying more easy to control and save oil.
6:deoiling machine----- remove extra oil from the fried chips.
7:flavoring machine---add the dressing to make the fried chips more delicious.
8:packng machine------ vacuum packing, can avoid break of the potato chips

potato chips production line shipped to russia
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