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Spiral Juice Extraction Machines For Lemon Grass

The spiral juicer extarctor machine is pushed by the screw shaft, with crushing, juice and slagging. For lemon grass,tomatoes, pineapples, carrots, apples, aloe vera, cactus and other fruit and vegetable crushing juice.
lemongrass juice extarctor machine with low price chinaOur spiral juicer consists of front bearing, hopper, screw shaft, filter, juice, rear bearing, slag and other components, the left side of the spiral spindle support in the rolling bearing, the right end support In the hand wheel housing, the motor is driven by a pair of pulleys to drive the screw shaft.
The screw shaft rotates clockwise along the exit direction of the slag, and the bottom diameter gradually increases and the pitch gradually decreases. When the material is advanced by the screw shaft, the spiral cavity is gradually reduced to form the press of the material.
The fruit and vegetable products are added to the hopper, and under the propulsion and squeezing of the screw shaft, the squeezed juice flows into the bottom of the juice through the filter, and the slag is formed by the ring formed between the screw shaft and the tapered portion of the regulating head Shaped gap discharge, adjust the size of the gap can be adjusted to adjust the slag resistance, you can change the slag rate, the size of the pressure head should be treated as the size of the processed fruit and vegetable products .

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