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Love 100% Juice

100% juice is an ample source of phytonutrients-compounds in fruits, vegetables and other plants that have disease-preventative and disease-fighting potential. Although this benefit is not listed on the label, there is strong support for the role fruits and vegetables play in reducing disease risk. There are those who do not love to drink plain boiled water, taste sweet juice can make their drinking water quantity increase, especially in the summer to ensure the body to the needs of the water.It also has promote digestion, increase appetite, whiten skin, strong and handsome the effect that reduce weight.
Calcium-fortified juices can provide an excellent source of calcium in the diet, particularly for those who are lactose-intolerant. Some juices are now fortified with vitamin D as well, another key nutrient for bone health thanks to its role in helping the body absorb calcium.
In addition, a research show that drinking 100% fruit juice is associated with a more nutritious diet overall. Studies suggest that appropriate consumption of 100% juice is linked to an overall healthier eating pattern, including reduced intake of total dietary fat, saturated fat and added sugars. In addition, drinking 100% juice is associated with increased consumption of whole fruit and is not linked to decreased milk consumption in children.
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