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Do You Know The Tips of Juice


A Few Juicing Tips

The following are a few really great juicing tips that can help you get the best out of your Juicing Machine.
• Roll up any leafy greens into a ball before inserting into the feeding chute.
• Some pulp remaining in juice is normal. It increases the juice's flavor and nutritive value.
• Bananas and avocados tend to make a puree and not a juice. Try a blender instead for these 2 delicious and healthy foods.
• Be sure to check the pulp bin often to see if it needs to be emptied if you’re juicing in large quantities.
• To keep juices from discoloring during storage, add a few teaspoons of lemon juice.
• Serve juices immediately, as the flavor and nutrient content decreases rapidly when juices are stored. If it is necessary to juice fruits and vegetables some time before serving, cover container tightly and refrigerate.

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