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Mango Pulping Machine With Best Price

The fruit pulp making machine machine is suitable for processing the pre boiled nucleolus and various berries into the pulp.Pulp pulping machine applying the function of coring and pulping in a pulp pulping machine.Pulping machine is suitable for fruit from pear (such as mango, peach, apricot, apple, pear, hawthorn, jujube) and berries (such as carrots, tomatoes, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, mulberry, etc.), Apple), they were crushed and pre cooked. In the process of pulping, the core is separated and automatically discharged. The first pulping machine is coarse pulping, and the second is fine pulping. The size of the two channel mesh can be specified according to the raw material.fruit mango pulp making machine price

Characteristics of fruit pulping machine:
1. sets of stone removal function and pulp pulping functions.
2, the pulping machine body is made of high quality stainless steel to reach the standard of food hygiene.
3, the use of advanced foreign technology, the use of double or single stage conical screen structure, to avoid the screen hole blockage.
4, the beater can work independently, can also be used in conjunction with other fruit processing equipment.
5. the various mesh sizes of different pulp were processed.
6. can automatically separate the pulp from the fruit residue.
7. easy to open the screen design, easy to clean and maintain.

We provide three kinds of pulp were single fruit pulp, double pulp machines and three pulp machine. The first is the crushing machine, pulp and seeds from the same outlet. If you want to make a pulping, you'd better choose the machine with two beater. The final pulp is high quality through two or three pulping and screening processes. In addition, the fruit core of the pulp is discharged from different discharge holes, reducing the loss of pulp.
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