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Meat Process Market In China

China's meat processing machinery and equipment development, improve the livestock and poultry slaughtering machinery and equipment localization rate, the level of automation is the most important achievement.

A variety of meat process  machinery, including: according to the characteristics of raw materials into pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry and other different categories; in accordance with the process into the waiting shower, traction delivery, stunned faint, lifting suspension, assassination bleeding, cleaning, Shaving, shaving (to the hair), peeling, scratching, polishing, peeling, simultaneous inspection, split half cutting, by-product processing, sterilization and pre-cooling and other different parts. In addition, there are conveyor, split saw, flesh and meat separator, sub-machine and split meat packaging equipment, such as split Eviscerate machinery.

At all levels of government on livestock and poultry slaughter and processing industry equipment manufacturing industry research and development under the strong support of a large number of domestic slaughter and processing technology and equipment to achieve technological progress, including vacuum blood collection device, automatic temperature control steam hot hair tunnel, efficient hair removal technology and equipment, Crawler U-type hair machine, automatic positioning precision split machine, electric stimulation instrument, which improves the slaughter of production automation and modernization and localization rate, to a certain extent, out of foreign technology monopoly and constraints.

In addition, in the treatment of Chinese traditional meat processing raw materials, some technical equipment such as efficient hair removal technology and equipment to achieve a major breakthrough in the field.

Technological progress invests billions a year

In the late 1990s, the meat processing machinery and equipment enterprises on the basis of the reorganization of a new round of expansion, new construction, technological transformation and equipment updates, the industry investment in more than 10 billion yuan each year, mainly concentrated in the slaughter and processing technology Progress on.

Advance include poultry slaughtering line, followed by pig, cattle, sheep slaughtering line, but the introduction of equipment accounted for a large proportion. For example, pig slaughter and processing from Germany, the Netherlands, such as the introduction of three-point to faint, hollow blood, steam hot hair, flame, and other production lines; poultry slaughter and processing introduced a fully automated slaughter, hair removal, cooling, weighing, size and other production lines. Livestock and poultry slaughter and processing of production capacity, production scale, technology and equipment level gradually close to the international advanced level.

In the introduction of foreign advanced equipment at the same time, the domestic machinery factory began to digest and absorb, imitation of imported equipment, and then self-developed. In 2004, more than 60 meat processing machinery factories in the country have been able to produce most of the Western-style meat processing equipment, basically meet the general meat processing plant production process and health requirements.

In recent years, domestic meat processing machinery and the international advanced level gap narrowed further, meat cold processing and other complete sets of technology and equipment to achieve a major leap, exports continued to increase, at least 25% increase, and some equipment even entered the meat machinery The most advanced German market.

In the study of foreign advanced technology and summed up the actual experience of domestic production on the basis of as soon as possible to improve and develop in line with China's national conditions, and domestic poultry industry development to adapt to the technical level to reach or close to the advanced level of foreign slaughtering equipment in order to compete in the highly competitive Slaughter the market to a place.
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