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Multifunction Beans Peeling Machine for Almond,Peanut,Chickpeas

After the many times study, we have develop a multifunction beans peeling machine with water suitable for almond,peanut,chickpeas,broad beans,soybean and other beans.

For the almond, the almond  peeling machine is mainly through the hot water immersion almonds into the peeling machine hopper, peeling peeling friction peeling, after the separation device will be automatically separated after the dermis discharged. Mainly used for the early processing of almond raw materials or for food, almond canned, almond fresh vegetables, beverage products and almond dew processing.
For the peanut,the peeling machine using wet process, is off peanuts red (also known as stripping) special equipment. Widely used in fried peanuts, peanut peanuts, peanut protein milk powder, eight-treasure porridge and sauce peanuts and canned products such as pre-stripping (skin) treatment. The machine is unique in that it is high strip, stripped of peanuts after the broken, color white, the surface is not browning, protein invariance. Stripping (leather) at the same time, Pimi automatic separation and removal, small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to operate.
Chickpeas peeling machine can be soaked after the fast beans, fast peeling. Is currently the most advanced technology of wet peeling machine, widely used in fried beans and processed beans and other products of the early pea peeling treatment.

In addition to the beans peeling machine,we also have beans roasting machine,coating machine,frying machine and other process for your beans deep process.
multifunction beans peeling machine for almond,peanut,chickpeas,soybeans
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