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New Energy-saving Peanut Fryer

New energy-saving peanut fryer electric heating, coal heating, and other formats, is a smoke-free, multi-functional, water-oil mixture frying equipment, which uses the world's most advanced water mixed oil fried process, completely changed the traditional structure of the frying equipment, from the fundamental solution to the drawbacks of traditional fryer, frying a variety of foods at the same time, and do not odor, a multi-purpose machine; fried food is not only the color, smell, and taste, clean and beautiful appearance, and improve product quality, extend shelf life. The process oil taken from the central heating mode, controlling the temperature of the upper and lower reservoir, effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of the frying oil, acid value increased suppression, automatic filtering residue, automatic temperature control during frying, thus extending the life of frying oil . After I plant for energy-fryer continuous tests, the peroxide value and test value are up to national standards, greatly extending the shortening of the life cycle, reduce waste and save more than a conventional fryer shortening 50%. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, fried chicken shops, fast food restaurants, hostels, military units, institutions, enterprises canteen, fried food chains and other businesses and enterprises.

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