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Nut Processing Line Technology

It is understood that, at present, dried fruit products have been very rich.In addition to our most commonly eat nuts products, its deep processing has been developed to a variety of more prominent are: high-end edible oil, high-grade pine nut oil, hazelnut oil, walnut Oil and nuts, such as high-grade oil; pine nut protein
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powder-based nut protein powder series and export-oriented pine nuts and pine nuts series. As a result, it seems that I thought obsessed with the wood, paper walnut are only the most basic products, since it involves such other categories written, then this fear is not easy to die.

Nuts to the nuclear, peeled, broken, dried, etc. as long as a Taiwan machine can be, but also in the nut processing enterprises have been gradually using the advanced high-end production line. It is reported that the nut processing line technology, including grading, to miscellaneous, bubble cleaning, high pressure spray cleaning, brush cleaning, dehydration, drying, sterilization and many other processes.The use of human implementation is very cumbersome, also in product quality and safety are difficult. And now we only need a modern nut processing line to save trouble and more.

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