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Olive Pitting Machine Supplier

We are olive pitting machine supplier in china.The pitting machine widely used jujube, cherry, plums, olives, hawthorn and so on. Adjustable mold for different materials from 10 mm to 40 mm in diameter. PLC automatic control system. Frequency conversion technology makes the operation simple and effective. Complete meat rate is high.Unique transmission technology and stable structure make work efficiency increased by 80%. Stable performance, yield greatly increased, reducing the maintenance costs of the use of process and slurry loss. Wide range of applicability and leading technology.Our latest fruity machine uses high-quality 304 stainless steel, fully in line with the health standards of food processing equipment. Using a microcomputer, the drive system uses advanced design concepts and standard components. Therefore, it makes every device meet the highest design standards. So the operation is very simple.

autoamtic olive pitting machine for sale
The fruit pitting machine adopts the microcomputer system to drive the system to meet the highest standard design.
The raw material conveyor belt adopts the new imported polyurethane material, the service life is longer, the shape is completely unchanged after processing.In addition, there is an observation window.So you can check your work by opening the window or outside.
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