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Atomatic Onion Root Cutting And Peeling Machine With High Quality

Onion  peeling and  root cutting machine is based on the hand full range of onion peeled onion peeling action,simulation human. Energy-efficient "imitation hand" onion peeling undercut machine is the latest technology products developed by our company.The onion skinning machine is made of no scalpel. The onion has no peeling, no damage and perfect appearance.The onion peeling and root cutting machine with  high yield,high rate of finished products. The interior of the onion is clean and pollution-free.
The onion peeling machine peeled 1.5-2T per hour, energy saving and high efficiency, reducing the cost.The onions on the machine have no classification, dry and wet size, no limit of origin, and perfect desquamation.

Features of the onion peeling and root cutting machine:
1, the peeling quality is fully automatic, the onion is not corroded, the operation is simple, the peeling rate is up to 95%, and the onion is not polluted.
A completely dry peeling
Sanitary design (easy to clean and disinfect)
4. low energy consumption, large amount of gas consumption and large amount of treatment
5, the design is simple, easy to use, the use of food grade 304 stainless steel chain automatic feeding machine. Save labor and health, not artificial onions.
6. for peeling layer
7. the process is advanced, the structure is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the use is safe and reliable.

onion peeling and root cutting machine
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