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Pomegranate Aril Separator Machine Test for India

This is our pomegranate aril separator machine will be test for india customers.Pomegranate peeling machine is mainly suitable for peeling and crushing various fruits, especially for the pomegranate and grape, can be used for wine and pomegranate drinks pre-treatment.Its main function is to go through the selection, clean, fresh pomegranates cut, squeeze to open, separating peel, the pulp crushing machine conveyor to the next process.The india customer need the machine to process pomegranate ro get pomegranate aril.

Pomegranate peeling machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, upper crushing plant, lower crushing plant, rotating sieve, stirring shaft, screw pump and rack components, etc. It’s fully made of stainless steel 304.Mixing shaft is variable frequency speed control.

The advantages of the pomegranate process machine:
1:High desquamation rate
2:The thickness of the peeling is adjustable.
3:Low breakage rate
4:Multi-functional, convenient, environmental protection
5:Automatic operation
pomegranate aril separator machine in india

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