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Pasteurizer Machine For Sale

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, some packaged products are required to be sterilized in a water bath. The packaged product is placed on a speed-adjustable stainless steel mesh belt, and it enters the sterilization box in sequence under the action of a conveyor belt. After being sterilized through “high-temperature water as the medium”, it is cooled by the conveyor belt and the cooling box body. In order to achieve product sterilization requirements. The series of equipment is continuously operating, and the sterilized packaging products are continuously sent to the next production process.

Pasteurizer machine is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel to reduce pollution and ensure sanitary quality; production is continuous, stepless speed regulation, and sterilization and sterilization temperature and speed can be arbitrarily adjusted.

The pasteurization line runs smoothly with low noise. Applicable to various sizes of cans: tinned round cans, cylindrical glass bottles, diameter 30-160mm, height 50-180mm; product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, sterilization box, cooling box length and width can be arbitrarily selected . The temperature can be arbitrarily set, automatic control, maintain a constant temperature, automatic recording; use of forced drive, shorten the sterilization time, can make the temperature within the canned evenly, guarantee the sterilization quality; use the hoist to convey, reduce the labor intensity, save the expenses; adopt hoisting machine Synchronize with sterilizing mechanism to realize automatic conveying.

pasteurizer machine for sale
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