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Peanut Butter Making Machine India

This is our india customer visit us for peanut butter making machine. This peanut butter production line is easy to operate, safe and labor-saving, save human resources, save labor and reduce the intensity of work.
The production line can produce stable peanut butter, granular peanut butter and common type of peanut butter. It also produces a stable and common type of sesame.
The machine has a high degree of mechanization, high reliability and good sealing.
Process flow: raw material - stone and foreign material remover - baking - cooling - peeling - picking - coarse grinding - unfolding - fine grinding - cooling - degassing - filling.
List of equipment:
Oven oven, cooling zone, peeling machine, conveyor belt, coarse grinder, superfine pulverizer, condensing machine, gas tank, filling machine

peanut butter making machine india
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