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Peanut Butter Manufacturering Plant in India

Our peanut butter manufacturering plant will packed to India.Our the peanut butter production line is automatic .The main machines of the peanut butter production line are roasting, peeling machine, sorting belt, upper feeding machine, coarse mill, mixing tank, pump, mixer, homogenizer, grinding machine, vacuum tank, cooling machine, filling machine, etc.With high degree of mechanization, good reliability, total closed production, and pollution-free production line features.The peanut butter processing line is an advanced equipment for producing stable peanut butter.Peanut butter produced can meet export standards.Specific processes and outputs can be customized according to customer requirements.

Our company has long been committed to the development and innovation of peanut machine equipment and production line, providing all kinds of high quality and low price peanut mechanical equipment for our customers.We have our own factory, technical team, production team and sales team to provide you with high quality products and services.Please feel free to buy it.

peanut butter manufacturering plant in india
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