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Peanut Half Cutter Machine With High Efficiency

Peanut Peeling  and  Half Cutting  Machine is peanuts by the feed hopper to the peeling roller. The high speed of the peeling roller makes the peeling roller constantly rubbing peanuts, so that the peanuts are broken half and peeling, while pushing the material spiral to promote the peanuts forward Movement, and then fell on the vibrator, through the vibrator vibration screening, suction skin fan will continue to suck the peanuts red, in order to achieve the separation of peanuts and red.
Peanut Peeling and Half cutting Machine is to bake peanuts peeling equipment. So that peanuts half grain, germs and other broken ends were discharged from the different discharge mouth, the real peanuts did not waste peeling, which is different from the law peeling machine (sand Roller peeling machine) the biggest advantage. The machine has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance, peeling clean, high peeling efficiency, and no recovery of germ and broken.

Output: 300 ---- 500kg / h peanut half cutting  machine with low price
Half grain rate: ≥ 90% peeling clean rate ≥ 99.5%
Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Power: 1.5KW + 0.37KW
Dimensions: 1350X800X1300mm
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