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Brush Type Vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine for Carrot

Brush type fruit vegetable washing and peeling machine have good woking efficiency on the carrot.The washing and peeling machine  is mainly by the motor, transmission, 9 brush roller and other components, is our factory  design and manufacture with brush principle, widely used in ginger, potato , Sweet potatoes, kiwi fruit, all kinds of radish, all kinds of taro and other rhizome fruits and vegetables cleaning, peeling.

The machine can be a separate cleaning solution can be washed, peeling at the same time. Equipment, beautiful appearance, easy operation, cleaning (peeling) volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, can be applied to continuous work, brush roller raw materials through a special process, durable, high-quality stainless steel equipment used.

The roller in the motor driven by the relative reverse rolling, and direct contact with the product to produce friction to peel effect; and a special automatic high pressure spray nozzle to peel the edge of the peel, you can achieve the product cleaning and peel effect ; And according to product varieties to change the hardness of the hair brush sticks, the choice of silk hard brush roll, you can achieve the effect of rhizome fruits and vegetables peeled, the use of soft silk brush roller, can be achieved to the fruit and vegetable wax polishing The role. And to note that the work must first start running and then feeding, this can extend the motor life, reduce the probability of damage to the motor.

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