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Automatic Peeling Machine for Chick Peas

Our the wet type nut bean peeling machine for chick peas with high quality and saving energy.We also have chick pea frying machine,chick pea flavoring machine and chick pea packing machine. Great helpful for the nut bean business.There will show the nut bean peeling machine worling principle and function characteristics.

Working principle of the chick pea peeling machine :
We put the soaked chickpeas or beans into the native hopper, through a screen into peeling lugs, and at the same time in the rotating friction will remove bean skin.Then we get separated the skin and beans at the same time.
Function characteristics of chickpea peeler machine: convenient operation, high output, high peeling rate and the whole kernel rate. The chick pea peeling machine is the present domestic most advanced beans wet peeling equipment.

automatic chick pea peeling machine with best price in china
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