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Pomegranate Peeling And Extraction Machine

The pomegranate peeling and extarction machine is mainly used for the pre-processing of pomegranate juice and pomegranate wine.
Its main function is to separate the seeds from the fresh pomegranate skin and clean it.
The slurry is then delivered to the extruder to complete the next step.
working principle:
1. The pomegranate enters the upper crushed device and it breaks the pomegranate pressure (the space between the two rollers is 20 mm).
2. The crushed pomegranate then enters the lower crushing unit where the pomegranate is squeezed again (the space between the two rollers is 10 mm).
3. After two squeezes, the pomegranate peel and the meat are separated and then enter the separation unit for further screening.
The pomegranate meat falls from the sieve and the skin falls off its tail.

Pomegranate peeler, crushed picking fruit pomegranate peeler If you want to get full pomegranate seeds, about our model machine, I must tell me that the breakage rate is 20%. You can choose to use a single crusher on this machine. The crushing rate can be reduced to 10%. However, if you want to make juices and drinks, this machine is the most suitable and has high separation efficiency.

pomegranate peeling and extarction machine high quality
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