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Pomegranate Peeling Machine Will Packed To India

This is our pomegranate peeling machine will packed to India.Our customer need the pomegranate peeler machine to make get the pomegranet seeds, then will deep process pomegranate seeds into juice. Pomegranate peeling machine can minimize the damage degree of the pomegranate seeds, retain more juice, once in place, not only can keep the original flavor of the juice, and the tannin content in strict accordance with the national standards, no more than 4%, which is rich in high nutritional value, but also avoid the bitter taste.

The Pomegranate Aril Removal Separator Machine (pomegranate peeling machine), which is now sold on the market, still needs to be broken for two times, which not only wastes raw materials, but also reduces the amount of juice squeezing, and has poor taste, time-consuming and laborious. The pomegranate peeling machine (pomegranate peeling machine) developed by our company is broken in one time, and the effect is best.

pomegranate peeling machine price india
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