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Pumpkin Peeling Machine for sell

Pumpkin peeling machine is suitable for the papaya, pumpkin, melon, wax gourd, such as large and medium-sized melon peel, peel thickness is adjustable, convenient. Set up and down cycle cut cutting with high efficiency, improve labor efficiency and processing quality, improve the intensity of labor, peeling rate above 95%. The melon and fruit peeling machine they can unpick and wash, when using simple operation, electricity power, safety and health, suitable for food industry, the dining hall, food processing plants.

This peeling machine is easy to operate and safety. Whats more, it has a high peeling rate, and saves time, the peeled vegetable.
Peel thickness adjustable, convenient. The knife group is automatically cut up and down automatically high efficiency. Peeling knife special design, can be directed out of the melon skin, easy to collect and clean.

pumpkin peeling machine

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