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Potato Chips Cutting Machine Video


This Potato Chips Cutting Machine is used to cut potato,sweet potato and some other fruit and vegetable into strips or flakes.It is the newest model with the advantages of easy operation,labor saving,high efficiency,thickness adjustable,low damage rate.It is made of food grade stainless steel,in accordance with GMP requirements.
Descriptions of this Potato Chips Cutting Machine:
(1) Adopt top quality stainless steel materials.
(2) Easy to operate, high capacity, could be cutting slices or sticks separately. By replacing different knives the machine can cut the products into different strips, slices, waves etc.
(3)And the machine could be adjusted as your request,thick or slim.The thickness can be the range from 0.5mm to 15mm.
(4)This cutting machine is special used in fresh potato chips processing line. The thickness and the length is adjustable.Besides the machine can be used in processing of ginger and sweet potato and other vegetables.

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