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How Do You Process Fresh Carrot Processing Steps?

Root vegetables are rich in starch and high in sugar, which can partially replace the staple food. Common ones are potatoes, radishes, taro, yam and so on. Among them, potatoes are a dual-purpose vegetable. The high content of protein and vitamin B group can enhance physical fitness, and also improve memory and clear thinking. For radishes, eating raw can help digestion, strengthen the stomach and reduce food. Increase appetite and make dishes with other food partners, also have different effects. However, because the edible parts of root vegetables are generally underground rhizomes with a lot of sediment on the surface, they often need to go through processes such as cleaning, peeling, and cutting before cooking, which is very troublesome. Carrots and potatoes that have been pretreated can now be purchased directly. After people buy from the supermarket, they can enter the direct cooking stage after opening the package. So what is the processing flow of the vegetable radish and other root vegetable cleaning production line? Today, I will take you to the vegetable cleaning production line area of ​​our company's research and development factory to see it.
washed carrot processing

1. Cleaning——Carrot Processing And Production Steps

For root vegetables, we have suitable brush cleaners. After potatoes and carrots are put into the brush type root vegetable washing machine, the brush roller rotates to brush the material and makes the potatoes and carrots turn over continuously. At the same time, the drain pipe of the brush cleaning equipment is continuously sprayed to wash away the sediment and dirt that has been scrubbed from the carrots until it is washed. Open the discharge door and the carrots and potatoes will automatically come out.
processing root vegetable carrot

2. Peeling——Carrot Processing Steps

Root vegetables usually have a layer of skin, and need to be peeled with peeling equipment because of the lack of taste. When potatoes and radishes are put into the barrel of the peeling equipment, the rotating dial turns the material from time to time for rubbing and peeling. Due to the constant collision and friction of the material on the barrel wall, the peeling efficiency is higher. At the same time, use a flushing pipe to rinse the ground skin, and the dirt will be discharged with the water through the drain port.

3. Cutting——Root Vegetable Processing Steps

The cutting equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, waterproof design, and safety protection devices are installed. The carrot cutting equipment adopts intelligent control, so that the cutting size is accurate and fast, the cutting surface is flat, and the thickness is uniform. And according to the different needs of customers, our equipment can be cut into different shapes, sliced, sliced, and diced. Inform your needs and provide you with a suitable potato and carrot shredder.

4. Packaging——Root Vegetable Processing Steps

Use packaging equipment to package the cut vegetables for easy transportation and shelf sales.
Our company can provide customized solutions for root vegetable processing production line according to your specific situation. We welcome the elites in the food industry from all walks of life to call and negotiate. We are already waiting for your inquiry with passion.
packed root vegetable in shop
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