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Fruit Dates Sorting Machine For Sale

The fruit dates sorting machine is composed of hopper, elevator, test stand and classifier. This elevator automatically lifts cherry tomatoes and rolls automatically, pushing cherry tomatoes forward.In addition, the length of the checklist is more than 3 meters, and many people can stand on each side. Workers can pick up cherry tomatoes and other impurities. In the process of belt movement, the gap between the roll tubes increases gradually, and the gap between the small and large size of the fruit decreases.

The gap of the sorting machine can be adjusted according to different diameters. Grading, grading and separating are the basic functions of your processing line. From simple to complex, the key grading, grading and detachable conveyor is the most reliable and reliable industry.

The fruit grading machine is suitable for grading small fruits and vegetables with different diameters.Suitable for grading gray jujube, steed jujube, water chestnut, blueberry, onion, garlic, walnut, navel orange, kiwi fruit, strawberry, cherry tomato, garlic, ash, golden silk line, hawthorn, orange, sugar orange, litchi, longan and other small fruit and vegetables. The quantity and diameter can be classified according to the customer's requirements.

Why choose our fruit sorting machine:
1. High processing capacity, saving manpower, improving efficiency and no damage to products.
2. The grade is adjustable and can be divided into 34 levels and above.
3. High classification accuracy, high classification speed, simple operation, and general staff can operate.

We also have other fruit vegetable process machine for different customer choice.Contact us for machine video and quotation price.

automatic fruit sorting machine
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