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Processing Flow of Fresh Spinach Vegetable Factory

Spinach is known as a natural insulin. It can keep blood sugar stable, which is beneficial to the blood sugar control of diabetic patients. In addition, it has the functions of strengthening the heart, clearing the intestines, clearing the blood vessels and protecting the eyes, making spinach the king of leafy vegetables. Spinach can not only be cooled and fried, but also can be made into vegetable cakes, vegetable dumplings, and steamed vegetables. With a variety of ingredients and various production methods, spinach has become the "king of vegetables" that cannot be ignored in people's lives. Spinach needs to be cut roots, yellow leaves removed, and washed before cooking. So how to process spinach and other leafy vegetables in the vegetable cleaning production line?

Processing Flow of Spinach and Other Leafy Vegetables in the Vegetable Cleaning Production Line

As with spinach in our home, newly harvested spinach with yellow leaves will have a certain amount of soil in the roots and leaves. Spinach pretreatment is to cut the spinach roots and remove the yellow leaves. Then, it simulates manual soft bubble cleaning or eddy current cleaning. After cleaning, it is air-dried or centrifugally dried. After air-drying or spinning, it can be packaged and shipped into the market through cold chain transportation.

2. Main Equipment for Processing Spinach and Other Leafy Vegetables 

1. Cleaning Machine
Suitable cleaning equipment for spinach cleaning includes bubble cleaning machines and eddy current cleaning machines. These two types of equipment use flexible cleaning to ensure that the cleaning effect will not damage the leaves, and the cleaning water will be recycled to save water. The most important thing is that the equipment for cleaning leafy vegetables can be customized and the processing volume is large.
2. Air Drying Equipment
The washed spinach can be air-dried and dried to prolong the shelf life of spinach. Air-drying can be done with an air-knife air-drying machine. In addition, a centrifugal dryer can also be used, and the water on the leaf surface can be dried by high-speed centrifugal rotation without damaging the leaves.
3. Packaging Equipment
Packaging by packaging machine improves the quality of clean vegetables, and facilitates transportation and sales. At present, the commonly used packaging films on clean vegetable packaging are polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), composite packaging film ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), To meet different air permeability requirements. The packaging methods of clean vegetables mainly include spontaneously regulated gas packaging (MAP), reduced pressure packaging (MVP) and chitosan coating film packaging.
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