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What Are the Clean Vegetables Form Can Be Processed ?

Prefabricated dishes have entered a stage of continuous heating up. If you also want to start a prepared dish business, please read the article to understand how prepared dishes are processed and the finished product.
In the supermarkets, vegetable stores, and vegetable markets around us, there are more and more clean vegetables. Clean vegetables need to be processed into different forms. Today, I will show you the specific processing form of finished clean vegetables and the finished form of processing.
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Specific Processing Form of Clean Vegetables

1.Vegetables Washed and Peeled

The common ones are potatoes, carrots and melons and nightshades. Clean vegetables only need to be washed or washed and peeled, air-dried to remove the moisture on the surface, and can be sold on the shelves after packaging.

2. Vegetables Cut and Packaged

Common root vegetables or some leafy vegetables. After washing or peeling. It also needs to be cut into strips, shreds, slices, dices, etc. through multi-functional vegetable cutting equipment.
After blanching, cooling, draining, dehydration, and packaging, it enters the cold chain to complete a variety of clean vegetables.

The Finished Form of Clean Vegetables That Can Be Processed

1.Whole Vegetable

Packaged whole carrots, tomatoes, etc. are more common on the market.

2.Segmented Packaging Form

Sliced packaging vegetable for the largest proportion on the market, such as flakes, packaged potato chips, yam slices, carrot slices, lotus root slices, etc.; strips or filaments, such as potato sticks, shredded cabbage, etc.; diced vegetables Such as diced potatoes, diced carrots, corn kernels, green beans and so on.
The clean vegetable processing solution developed and designed by our company can not only produce all kinds of clean vegetable finished products, but also provide pretreatment solutions for various fruit and vegetable sauces, French fries and chips, good French fries, dried fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable powder, etc. The coverage range wide, high fruit and vegetable washing rate, saving water and electricity, the whole system runs smoothly, and the processing capacity is large. It is recognized and welcomed by customers in 180 countries or regions around the world.
If you have needs for clean vegetable processing, you are welcome to call for exclusive clean vegetable processing solutions.

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