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Sugarcane Machine Cleaning Process

Sugar cane cleaning and grinding after harvesting, the sugar cane stems are transported to the plant for cleaning and grinding. Once at the plant, the stems are kept away from sunlight. First, a manual sorting process takes place, which eliminates all the bad stems. That includes all stems that are fully or partially unhealthy in appearance, show symptoms of fungus infection or are burned. Then, the remaining stems are washed with water thoroughly. Next, the stems are grinded. The grinder is adjusted to achieve a 70% by weight sugar cane juice output. If you want to know how to clean the Best sugar cane juicer , relax in knowing that, at least in my experience, it's really easy and fast, especially if you follow a couple of key points. Number one is to be sure you clean it right away after using it. Otherwise you will have a lot more trouble cleaning it, mostly the pulp bin if the pulp is left to sit in it and dry out. Then again, and this is my number two key point, line the pulp bin with a plastic bag. When you're done juicing, remove the nutritionally precious pulp from the bag then throw the bag away; no cleaning of the pulp bin required! As for the overall machine, simply rinse the parts, use a paper towel to wipe the lid and the base, rinse everything, and then brush the screen with the fruits brush included with the juicer.


Let everything drain and you're good to go! If you do this, no need to use the dishwasher, but you could, so that make cleanup even easier. Be aware however if you have the stainless steel model, not all parts that shine are stainless some are chrome plated plastic. Avoid using a high heat drying wash cycle which may cause that chrome plating to chip off; it might also deform the plastic pieces. So even though the machine is "dishwasher safe", it really isn't under certain dishwasher washing conditions. All in all however, I think you will find cleaning the Industrial sugar cane juicer machine is simple and straightforward
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