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Cleaning and Maintenance

The Juice Box is equipped with a state of the art inbuilt cleaning system. In fact it has a two stage cleaning system.
The squeezing unit has a number of inbuilt high pressure water jets that are linked to a 15L water tank stored in the machine.
The system can be set to automatically operate the regular cleaning jets after a certain amount of cups have been vended. It comes standard with the cup interval set to every 8 cups before this cleaning mechanism activates but can be changed on demand.
There is also a secondary stronger cleaning system that operates for 15 minutes at a time at pre-determined times, usually once in the morning and once at night.
This cleaning routine can also involve a sanitizer that is stored in a 5 L tank in the machine.
Even though the inbuilt cleaning system is particularly effective, it is recommended that a manual clean of the machine take place at least twice a week.

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