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Table Top Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Table top Sugarcane Juice extractor with Refrigerated Juice Dispenser Serving Counter & Fiber Glass Sugarcanes. This stand alone counter consists of one sugarcane juice machine with built in waste bin, refrigerated juice dispenser for serving child juice to the customer, serving counter and fiber glass sugarcane for attracting customer.
Whether the base is sugar cane or beets, the sugar extraction and refining process of which molasses is a by product is a circular path of washing and heating the cane and beets with hot water. The sugar cane stalks are loaded onto conveyer belts and subjected to hot water sprays to remove dirt and other field debris. Then, they are passed under rotating knife blades that cut the stalk into short pieces or shreds.
The cane stalks are carried in the cane carrier by two endless chains of Table Top Sugarcane Juice extractor and placed at an angle. They are cut into chips by a set of revolving knives and are also torn into shreds by hammer mill shredders reversal of cane knives is also being adopted to improve efficiency of cane preparation. The shredders help shredding the cane to improve mill extraction and crushing. Heavily grooved crusher rollers break the cane and extract the juice.
The juice is pumped into an evaporator that boils the juice until the water dissipates and the syrup remains. The syrup is concentrated through several stages of vacuum boiling, a low temperature boil to avoid scorching the syrup. Eventually, the sugar crystallizes out of the syrup, creating a substance called massecuite. The massecuite is poured into a centrifuge to further separate the raw sugar crystals from the syrup. In the Table Top Sugarcane Juice Machine, the sugar crystals fall away from the syrup that is being spun at a significant force. This remaining syrup is molasses, and it is forced out through holes in the centrifuge. T
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