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The Tomato Juice Advantage You Should Know

1, Tomato juice,in addition to rich in vitamins, alkaline elements, cellulose, pectin, but also rich in lycopene.Lycopene is a strong antioxidant, and can improve age-related macular degeneration.In human plasma, the higher of content of the tomato lycopene, the lower the incidence of coronary heart disease and cancer.

2, Tomato juice contains a variety of organic acids. Organic acids in addition to the protection of vitamin C is not destroyed, but also soften blood vessels, promote the absorption of calcium, iron, protein and fat to help digest the gastric juice, which is the other vegetables that fall.

3,Tomato juice also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance called glutathione.The study found, tomato juice for some types of cancer have a preventive effect on breast cancer, lung cancer,endometrial cancer, inhibit, also against lung cancer and colon cancer.

4, Lycopene diuretic and bacteriostatic effect, is an excellent anti-oxidant, to remove the body of free radicals.

5. Tomato juice also has a good effect on beauty, increase appetite, improve digestion of protein and reduce bloating food product efficacy. Its properties intermediate between fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins A and C. Due to the protection of organic acids, tomato vitamin C is not destroyed in cooking.

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