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Bubble Washing Machine Plan An Importance Role on Washing Vegetables

Vegetable washing machine must first have a good wash first rate and low damage rate, the actual production of bubble intensity, the amount of washing and cleaning time is an important factor in the bubble washing machine cleaning effect of. In addition, water consumption and other technical problems have been trapped interference with vegetable washing machine designer and vegetable processing enterprises. Currently, leafy vegetable washing machine are mainly three kinds: First, the water cleaning machines; the second is the rotary drum washing machine; the third is bubble washing machine. Among them, the bubble washing machine has a simple structure and cleaning strength, etc., in our vegetable processing enterprises used more often.

Bubble vegetable washing machine usually at the bottom of the way to the gas, the gas is added with a certain positive pressure in flowing or static than the tank (usually air). Positive pressure bubbles in the tank by the upward motion from the bottom of the water until achieving progressively shattered, and achieve the purpose of washing vegetables as well as through its own movement and vegetable leaf table in the whole process and increased interaction.

In recent years, due to the large presence of pesticide residues in vegetables, worms and other organisms, vegetables safety issues caused by frequent, during the design as well as vegetable washing machine vegetable washing line design should take full account of water conservation issues to consider setting the water cycle after using the system, so that a washing water can flow to the previous cleaning, can greatly reduce the waste of water resources
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