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Vegetable Powder Making Machine Withh Low Price

The vegetable powder making machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food (such as: ginger, pepper, pepper, oil, wheat, soybeans, sugar, star anise, cinnamon), and other materials in the crushing process of low hardness, fineness adjustment ~ 120 mesh, high yield, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, easy installation, especially suitable for oily, viscous, heat sensitive, fiber materials such as low hardness crushing process.

Vegetable powder making machine features:
1. Crushing ability, low energy consumption, product fineness is relatively small.
2. When smashing a large space, high-intensity wind is generated when the knife is operated, not only it Improve the productivity, reduce over-crushing, and can effectively prevent the material in the production of broken and clogged.
3, due to enhanced shear, so the fiber material and grinding capacity equipment is higher than average.
4. The screen installation facilities, reliable location, are used plug-ins.This ring will be screened in the form of life.
5. The design of the built-in motor, the whole center of gravity is low, effectively reducing the weight of the motor.

vegetable powder making machine with best price in china
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