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Two Kind of Vegetable Washing Machine For Choice

For commercial use fruit vegetable washing machine,we have two type for choice,brush type washing machine and buble type washing machine. High quality automatic dry yam sweet potato carrot wash skin peeling cutting line is brush peeling machine, conveyor, combined with undercut dish machine washing machine and vegetables.
brush type fruit vegetable washing machine 1, the brush type washing machine is mainly composed of motor, transmission machine, brush roller and so on. The washing and desquamation machine uses the principle of brush friction to process root vegetables. We have learned to improve our machines at home and abroad to achieve the best effect of washing and desquamation. The soft brush is used for cleaning, and the hard brush is used to remove the skin.
This machine is suitable for the round and oval vegetables. Such as ginger, carrots, taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on, and can also go to the fish skin.
2. The vegetable bubble washing machine uses high pressure to produce foam. The machine has circular surf, bubble cleaning, disinfection and cleaning, high pressure spray four times cleaning. It is also equipped with a filter device. The device can separate the rotten leaves, residue and hair on the vegetables. All the remnants will be discharged from the overflow crevice to the auxiliary tank. In the overflow, there is a filter to separate the residue and water. If the residue is contaminated by the sub washing tank and plugging the pump. When cleaning, the strength of the bubble can be adjusted. You can adjust the foam strength to get better washing and handling costs.bubble type washing machine with high quality
Root vegetables will enter the first step, washing and peeling. After peeling, you should choose sliced, shredded and dice. The cutting size can be customized. And the blade is easy to replace and install. The third part is canned, so that the cutting vegetables deep clean. The processing line is suitable for food processing enterprises and clean vegetable distribution centers.

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