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Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine With Air Drying Function

The fruit vegetable air drying machine line adopts low-power, low-noise fan, the air outlet into a knife-shaped, dry air temperature at room temperature, in order to be more conducive to effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself, the better. The machine can also be used with the washing machine, for drying fruits and vegetables quickly drained for faster loading and storage, saving you effectively processing time.

Air drying machine line Features:
1. Air drying machine body and rack body material SUS304 stainless steel
2. Air temperature is room temperature, effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself
3. Air-dry line discharge end plus baffle, to prevent the air volume blowing products
4. Flip windmills chain with independent transmission system
5 using the wind blower (maximum wind 2500m3 / H,)
6. The device effectively remove water droplets on the surface, reduce working hours, improve production efficiency
7. Outlet nozzle with 1.5mm stainless steel for full welding
8. Air drying machine line is particularly suitable for sterilization of high and low temperature meat products, vegetable products and other bags of dry work.

fruit vegetable air drying machine line with best price
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