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Date Palm Cleaning Machine Line With High Quality

Date palm produced in the Middle East, North Africa and other tropical or subtropical regions. Date palm shape flat, sharp ends, ventral longitudinal groove. Oval or oblong oval, jujube, 3.5-7 cm long, deep orange-red when ripe, fattened flesh.
In addition to rich in fructose, the date palm also contains a variety of vitamins, proteins, mineral elements and other nutrients, since ancient times has been regarded as a good nutritious food. Coconut jujube inside leaching juice after condensation can be used as seasoning, commonly used in cooking meat, sweet and not greasy. Sweet date palm, warm, non-toxic.
We have study the cleaning machine for date palm according to the characteristics of palm dates such as: a large, jujube pattern deep, and other characteristics.The development of cleaning methods are as follows, the use of bubble and wool cleaning method, the bubble bubble cleaning, the jujube pattern of impurities washed to Surface, and then through the hair roller cleaning, the appropriate length of hair bristles deep into the date, the depth of jujube cleaning, the kind of cleaning methods, cleaning effect is good.

date palm washing  cleaning machine
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