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What is Peanut Butter Production Line

The Peanut butter processing equipment  main equipment are oven, peeling half a machine, picking belt, feeding machine, coarse mill, mixing tank, pump, mixer, all feeder, fine mill, vacuum tank, cooling machine , Filling machines. It is characterized by flow, high degree of mechanization, good reliability, fully enclosed production, pollution-free, is the production of stable peanut butter-the-art equipment.

peanut butter production line2 Peanut butter production line General equipment: oven, cooling belt, peeling machine, with the election, coarse mill, ultra-fine mill, condenser, degassing tank, filling machine.
(1) oven: the peanut baking.
(2) cooling zone: the use of fans from the principle of hot air, cooling peanuts after baking.
(3) peeling machine: the peanut after drying and baking peeling, peeling Pimi automatic separation process to ensure peeling peanut quality.
(4) selection belt: picking unqualified peanuts and some food residues.
(5) coarse mill: the first grinding of peanuts.
(6) ultra-fine film: the peanut after grinding to further grinding, processing fineness further improved.
(7) Condenser: The ground peanut butter will be cooled.
(8) degassing tank: before filling the peanut butter degassing.
(9) filling: filling, packaging.
(10 peanut butter cooling machine

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