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What Is a Centrifugal Dryer

After the clean vegetables are processed and before entering the packaging process, centrifugal dryer is generally required. There is a lot of water on the surface of cleaned vegetables. If they are packaged directly, the cleaned vegetables are easy to go bad and rot, which greatly shortens the shelf life. Centrifugal dryer machine can get rid of the moisture on the surface of clean vegetables to ensure the quality of finished products and extend the shelf life. Now, let's take a look at the centrifugal dryer equipment together.
centrifugal dryer machine

1.Centrifugal Dryer Equipment

Centrifugal dryer machine uses centrifugal motion as its working principle, that is, the motor drives the inner tank to rotate at a high speed, and the water on the surface of the clean vegetables makes a centrifugal motion under high-speed rotation, and the water splashes out of the inner tank from the surrounding holes of the inner tank shell to achieve the purpose of dryer .

2. Advantages of Centrifugal Dryer Machine

The centrifugal dryer machine is shock-absorbing and safe; the clutch is used to start, the acceleration is easy, and the service life of the motor is extended; the precise measurement ensures stable operation, and the speed can be selected according to the dehydrated material, which is in line with the centrifugal effect. The automatic fruit and vegetable centrifugal dryer machine can be placed flat arbitrarily and used with peace of mind.
The centrifugal dryer machine newly developed by our company has a good dryer effect, and the dehydrated clean vegetables can directly enter the packaging process. During the dryer process, only the water is removed, and the clean vegetables are not damaged. Simple operation and efficient processing, it is the core equipment in the cleaning vegetable processing.
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