Continuous Kelp Drying Machine Seaweed Processing Machine Speed Adjustable

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Our continuous kelp drying machine can dry the washed kelp. Get dried kelp. In the original processing method, people collect and harvest, and then wash and dry. However, with the expansion of demand, traditional artificial methods can no longer meet the market's demand for kelp. For seaweed processing machine, beside the seaweed drying machine,we also have kelp washing machine, seaweed cutting machine, seaweed grinding machine and others machine. 
Our seaweed drying machine came into being. Through our kelp drying machine, the work of kelp drying can be completed with a high degree of automation. The kelp dryer can accurately replicate the traditional manual processing steps, but the efficiency and consistency will be greatly improved.
kelp drying machine

Seaweed Drying Machine Features:

1. The kelp drying machine can work continuously. Our kelp dryer machine can work continuously without interruption, and the processing output is large. The inside of the kelp dryer adopts a multi-layer circulating flip structure, which has the characteristics of large processing output and high working efficiency.
2: Intelligent features of seaweed drying machine. Our kelp processing machine can help farmers realize centralized, industrialized, intelligent and automated kelp processing methods.
3: Help customers bring high returns. The automated production of seaweed processing machine has brought high-efficiency benefits to users, and has also promoted economic development in some areas. It has high social value and has been highly appreciated by the industry and users.
4: The running speed of the dryer is adjustable. After spreading the material seaweed on the conveyor belt, customers can freely adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt according to the moisture content and drying time of the kelp.

Kelp Drying Machine Principle :

The material seaweed to be dried will be evenly fed into the drying host through the loading conveyor, and will be cyclically turned over under the transmission of the internal multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt. At the same time, the heat provided by the heat source will act as the induced draft fan. The hot air enters the bottom of the seaweed drying machine in the form of hot air. The hot air will pass through the stainless steel mesh belt material layer layer by layer from bottom to top, taking away the moisture in it, and draining it from the top of the kelp drying machine to achieve the material seaweed drying effect.
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