Product Quality Commitment:
1,Product manufacturing and testing are conformed to the national standard.

2,Products is tested by a professional testing personnel, and ensure that the indicators meet the requirements of your products.

3,If our products have quality problem in the warranty period, we are willing to take the responsibility.

The Delivery Time Commitment:
1,We ensure that the provided product will be delivered to the designated place in accordance with the need to request time. if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can negotiate with you, ensure meet timely your demand.
3,If the goods provided have any problems (including appearance damage) when unpacking.we will must use the way to solve: timely replacement and maintenance for new products.

4.Out the warranty date, equipment replacement and maintenance only charge the cost of spare parts , not artificial technology and service charge.
5.The after-sales service ability, and in the design of the equipment service life period, our commitment will use the original factory parts and components to replace bad one , to ensure the normal using of equipment.

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