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Time:2016-03-02 By:wendy
Soymilk- a Substitute for Milk?
For so many years, milk has been always the main source of calcium and protein which are necessary for a healthy body. However, for those people who are lactose intolerant or want to reduce cholesterol intake, milk seems not to be a wise choice. While soymilk,which is high in protein, low in fat, sodium and cholesterol-free, wins more and more popularity. Wanna DIY soymilk? Prepare a soymilk machine in half a shake!
Have a Look at our Soymilk&Tofu Machine
Controlled by a electric cabinet, AMS series soymilk&tofu machine integrates the whole working process of feeding water, grinding soybean, heating soy milk automatically. Beside soymilk, we can also make other bean products like tofu, tofu jelly, colorful tofu,etc. The final soybean product is fresh and natural and the important point-without beany flavor, thus drinking it may be amazingly enjoyable.
Worthy of Your Money-Advantages 
1. No doubt that the stainless steel material is sanitary and easy to clean.
2. A special device equipped to separate the soybean skin to make purer and tasty soymilk.
3. Simple structure: easy operation to produce soy milk instantly.
4. Large capacity: suitable for processing all beans into bean milk, bean jelly and so on.