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Apple Slicer Drying Machine Supplier

Time:2017-05-02 By:wendy
The apple slicer drying machine is heated by a heater, a lot of hot air in the box for a hot air circulation, through the constant fresh air from the inlet into the box, and then continue to drain from the drain, which increased the heat transfer effect, so that the material moisture gradually reduced The

Apple slicer drying machine using forced ventilation, the box is equipped with adjustable sub-wind board, dry material uniform, heat can be used steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, wide selection.

apple slice drying machine with low price1.Dehumidification, drying, cooling, moisture, ventilation and ventilation as one intelligent drying dehumidification equipment.
2. Most hot air circulation in the box, high thermal efficiency. Belt type continuous drying, easy to use, the use of closed dehumidification and heat pump drying, energy saving, compared with the traditional belt hot air dryer energy saving more than 40%, than the microwave belt dryer more than 60% energy saving.
3.Suitable for 70 ℃ the following temperature drying dehumidification mode, dry and stable, good quality, health.
4. Innovative drainage function, exhaust heat recovery, fresh air pre-dehumidification technology, refrigerant superheated heat recovery technology.
5. Fruit vegetable drying equipment automatically according to the multi-temperature drying process requirements to adjust the drying time and temperature, temperature and humidity curve program intelligent control.
6. Meet the large temperature difference, gradient temperature line drying process requirements.
7. Machine noise, running balance, temperature control, easy to install and maintain.
8. Wide range of applications, can dry a variety of materials, is a common drying equipment.