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Banana Slicer Machine Packed to Coimbatore

Time:2017-12-26 By:wendy
The banana chips slice cutting machine will be packed to Coimbatore.We test the banana chips cutter for our Coimbatore customers. our  Coimbatore customers are satisfied with our machine and price. then take order.The banana chips slice cutter machine is used to cut peeled banana into slice or long strip. The machine can be used with the banana chips production line. For the banana chips business development, the banana chips machine is great helper. We have different capacity with the banana chips production line.

Main Specification of the banana chips slice cutting machine:
Size of product: 3mm (slice) or 3×3mm (slender)
Output: 850kg/h (slice);  800kg/h (slender)
Cutting the thickness and width can be order blade to cutting corresponding product specifications.
Power: 110/220V
Horsepower: 1HP
Size: 650×490×850mm

banana slicer machine sold to coimbatore