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How to Dehydrating Fruit In Oven ?

Time:2020-05-28 By:wendy
Dehydrated fruits are now more and more popular. Dehydrating fresh fruit can save the fruit for a longer time. Thus dried fruits and vegetables are also popular with fruit processing factory.
In the fruit dehydration process, the fruit dehydrating is a particularly important link. HHow to dehydrating fruit in oven? Today we will show you.

Dehydrating Fruit in Oven Principle:

Vegetables contain a lot of water. Take artificial measures to reduce the moisture in the vegetable body, reduce the bottom water activity, increase the content of soluble solids in the raw materials, and make it difficult for the microorganisms to survive, so as to preserve the vegetable products for a long time. 
 fruit dehydrator machine
Dehydrated fruit and vegetables keep low moisture and carry out long-term storage after its moisture is reduced to a level sufficient to prevent spoilage and deterioration.
Dehydrated food should not only meet the requirements of durable storage, but also require that it can be restored to its original state after rehydration (ie, re-absorption).

Characteristics of dehydrating food:

1. After the food is dehydrated, the weight is reduced and the volume is reduced. Save packaging, storage and transportation costs, and also easy to carry and convenient supply. 2.It can be stored for a long time at room temperature, extend the supply season of food, and balance the peak of production and sales
3. Materials that can be used as storage food for emergency, disaster relief and war reserve. During the fight against the COVID-19, dried fruits and vegetables have largely helped people overcome the problem of not being able to go out.

Fruit dehydration and drying methods:

1) Natural drying method: use solar radiant heat and hot air to dry vegetables. The method has low cost and simple equipment, but it is susceptible to climate and regional restrictions.
2)Dehydrating fruit in oven: Use artificial heating and heat preservation devices with the industrial fruit dehydrator machine to control the drying conditions and make the vegetables dry quickly. This method has short drying time, hygienic, easy operation and management, and good product quality. Commonly used dehydrating machine include dehydrating oven and tunnel type drying boxes. At present, with the development of science and technology, new drying technologies such as freeze drying have appeared.

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